Thursday, March 22, 2007

Testing, One, Two

Testing, one. Two.

Aha! Html isn't liking me here and it won't let me post, so if this gets through I'll be suprised. Worth a shot, though. Either way, blogger isn't liking me. Neither is word verification, but I suspect that's my own fault, the letters can be confusing. Either way I moved.

Link Opopanox, Home Of The Arrogant Worm

As a tidbit, since it's boring that the last post here is just an announcement of me movin', I'm giving out a pork and bean recipe. Don't grimace now, it's good! And if anyone recognizes it, could ya tell me where it's from, or if my parent's just made it up? Been buggin' me...


For a small/medium pot add
* One can of baked beans
* 'Bout 3/4ths a can of water
* Four hotdogs, sliced by width (Or more, or less, dependin' on your preference)
* One small onion, diced fine (Hey, or chopped, doesn't really matter)
* Three to five heaping tablespoons of brown sugar.

Bring to boil for, oh, five minutes, eat, but don't burn your mouth if you're in a hurry! Y'can prolly substitute the hotdogs for vegetarian 'meats', I imagine it'd taste about the same. I remember linking it a lot as a kid because it tastes like candy. As a bonus, it's incredibly cheap to make, especially in bulk. Can't claim there's any nutritional value, though.